Obama and the Economy

Former San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Bruce Bigelow recently invited me to become a contributor to the Xconomy.com website, which was established a few months ago by Bruce and some others. I have agreed to author a series of essays that will appear on the Xconomy website from time to time. My first essay is Obama’s Top-Three Priorities: The Economy, The Economy, and The Economy, and it was posted late last week. Please feel free to have a look and weigh in if you like. I will discuss other topics in future postings, including managing greed in the workplace, SAIC as a farmer’s market with central heating, and how much stock a company founder should hold.

Last week was a holiday week with the Martin Luther King holiday being celebrated on Monday, and the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday. I must admit we had a busy Tuesday night listening to all the speeches and the banter from Barack Obama and others after an eventful day in Washington D.C. I’m glad I wasn’t there with the other 2 million people. It seems like things went reasonably well and people are unifying behind Obama.

On Thursday we visited the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park. After a tour of the facility we were treated to the IMAX film Wild Ocean. The old planetarium has been upgraded so that today the Center’s IMAX dome screen is among the best in the country. It is truly a marvelous development and one that all the students and teachers there thoroughly enjoyed, as did I.

On Friday we took the boat out. It threatened rain so we decided to go to Coronado. Eric Hazard from SAIC accompanied Ron Arnold and me for lunch.

– Bob

2 Responses to “Obama and the Economy”

  1. 1 Andre V Milteer, M.A.

    Starting at Jan09, the posting date of your original blogpost…fast forward to now. Dr Beyster, how has your prognosis/predictions/hindsight unfolded with respect to your Obama essay?

    It may be worthwhile to your audience to post a fresh blogpost reflecting on the topic Obama and the Economy. If you will, please add blog commentary with respect to V.P. Mr Joseph Biden. He appears to be an Economic Driver-Power-Broker as well. Yet, perhaps without the carte blanche clout of (former) V.P. Mr Richard (Dick) Cheyney…

  2. 2 Dr. Beyster

    Andre: My belief that Obama will be able to pull us out of a recession is still based more on hope than on facts. He’s all we’ve got. He seems to listen, and that’s an important characteristic of any leader. Biden to me is a nonentity. I don’t see him as active as Cheney was, although Cheney was responsible for some of the questionable decisions made in George W. Bush’s second term. — Bob

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