Sorcerer II Launch

Thank you for your ideas for the new book — we will discuss them this week. Please keep your ideas coming.

Last Tuesday we had lunch with the J.P. Morgan folks from Los Angeles, where I have some investments. The meeting was mostly about the current state of the market and whether any of my portfolio should be sold or kept. I feel they are doing a good job handling my investments. They were generally pessimistic about the recession ending quickly. The hole we’ve dug for ourselves seems to be too deep to expect a quick solution.

On Wednesday the big event was a visit to Shelter Island for the Sorcerer II launch celebration. This is Craig Venter’s oceangoing sloop that will be traveling down the west coast, through the Panama Canal, up the east coast, and on to Europe to sample the ocean for new organisms that might be studied for gene therapy or to produce biofuels.

On Friday we went to Coronado on Solutions. I had lunch with Paul Kouris, who is now retired from SAIC, but still actively traveling the world.

– Bob

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  1. 1 Blake Escudier

    The Sorcerer II expedition sounds exciting – exploring for discovery.

    I’m presently reading Voyage of the HMS Rattlesnake (1846) – a sixth rate frigate – on an expedition led by Captain Owen Stanley, sent to survey the Northeastern parts of Australia. Stanley was to report on Hydrographical subjects, while also on board were Naturalists – Botonist John MacGillivray and Biologist Thomas Huxley.

    Narrative by MacGillivray:

    Who would have thought that 160 years later – similar sailing expeditions would be launched with a purpose of discovery for medicinal and energy sources.


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