As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on this blog, I am currently working on the second edition of The SAIC Solution. One of things I would like to do as a part of this update of the book is to also update the graphic that we created titled “Companies formed by SAIC alumni,” which I have included below.

Click image for larger version (opens PDF file in new window).
Companies formed by SAIC alumni -- click image for larger version

As you can see, it has been some time since this graphic has been revised. Many of you have submitted suggestions previously on my blog of companies to include on the list and some corrections that need to be made.

If you have any companies formed by SAIC alumni to add to the list or corrections to notify me about, now is the time to submit them. We will rework the graphic based on the previous messages I have already received along with any future ones you might submit, I hope we will then have the most up-to-date resource on SAIC alumni companies anywhere.

* * *

I will probably take next week off to relax and enjoy the Christmas season. I wish all of you the very best holidays with your families and loved ones.

I am looking forward to spending time with my family over the holidays, and maybe getting over to the Beach and Tennis Club for a dinner or two. I hope you enjoy the photo of me wearing my University of Michigan Santa hat, for which I have to thank Mik Zolikoff.

– Bob

Dr. Beyster wearing a University of Michigan Santa hat

4 Responses to “Book Updates and Christmas Plans”

  1. 1 Brian Burger

    Not sure if you received this from last blog, but I was the SAIC Chief Engineer of the C4ISR Integration of the MRAP program and along another Division Manager at SAIC, we stepped away in July and started our own company, called Fathom 4, LLC. We are going to be about 4 employees very soon and should be at 10 by the end of January. We are really excited and are trying to build on many of the principles of which you founded SAIC. Your book has been a great source of thoughtfulness for us and has many similarities to what we are trying to build. These are crazy times, but if we stay smart, flexible, and entrepreneurial, we feel we can have some fun and build something special. Hope we make it in the chart in your next book! Have a Merry Christmas!

    - Brian

  2. 2 Blake Putney

    I think this principle developed by Taleb (the black swan guy) succuntly explains the success of SAIC.

    Happy Holidays,
    Blake Putney

  3. 3 Dr. Beyster

    Brian: Thank you for the update. Congratulations on your new company, Fathom 4 LLC, which will indeed be added to the chart of SAIC Alumni Companies when we do an update for The SAIC Solution. I hope employee ownership is one of the principles that you are adopting from SAIC, and that your Christmas was a good one. — Bob

  4. 4 Dr. Beyster

    Blake: Thanks for your post on my blog. I am impressed by Nassim Taleb’s article. His approach to business theory is quite unique, and I enjoyed reading about it. — Bob

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