Campus Point Time Capsule

An interesting event took place at Campus Point on Monday when a time capsule that was buried there 25 years ago by SAIC was dug up and the contents revealed. I was unfortunately unable to attend the festivities, but my daughter Mary Ann was there, and she took some photos for the blog.

Some of the items in the capsule included a photo of the Stars & Stripes America’s Cup boat that we helped design and which won the Cup back from Australia in 1987, a computer printout of all SAIC employees at the time, an annual report, a copy of the San Diego Union newspaper article about the Chargers beating Pittsburgh, a VHS videotape on SAIC communications solutions, and a brochure from the engineering firm that was building out Campus Point. I hope that there are plans to preserve these items for the future.

– Bob

2 Responses to “Campus Point Time Capsule”

  1. 1 Bill Proffer

    The time capsule was a large copper box – obviously designed and constructed by SAIC engineers of the time – to be able to last a long time. The contents were very interesting – it was fun to watch people who where there at the time find their names on the preserved building directory lists.

    We missed you and were disappointed you were not able to attend in person.

    I had a wonderful opportunity recently to hear Malin Burnham recount a story of an initial meeting between he, Dennis Connor and SAIC in planning the Cup recapture.

    As a pretty “wild” America’s Cup is coming up this summer, i would love to see you do a blog post recounting the planning and lead-up to the 1987 match! There are few descriptions of the technical thinking and work that went into the effort available and preserving that story would be great also. I noted that regrettably Britton Chance passed away last October, who i believe was one of the designers of Stars and Stripes.

    Best wishes,


  2. 2 Dr. Beyster

    Bill: Thank you for keeping me up to date on SAIC news. I would have enjoyed the unveiling of the time capsule, as I would also have enjoyed listening to Malin Burnham discuss his initial meeting with Dennis Conner. I’ll bet it was an interesting one. I guess we had the Cup for 8 years here in San Diego, and that time was a wonderful experience. But times have changed and the Cup isn’t what it used to be, so we’ll look for other events to get excited about. For me, that’s the football team of my old alma mater, the University of Michigan. — Bob

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