There was an article in Sunday’s San Diego Union Tribune about a smaller, transportable nuclear reactor that is currently being designed by General Atomics in hopes of winning a portion of the $452 million set aside by the Department of Energy for development of new compact reactor technology. According to the article, GA will take about 12 years to design and deliver the first reactor if it receives the DOE funding, and reactors will be designed to be built on an assembly line and delivered by truck, rail, or barge. Each unit is anticipated to generate enough electricity to power a city of 330,000 people and wouldn’t require refueling for at least 30 years.

I am encouraged by this development, and I hope that GA attracts the funding it needs to initiate the program. Standard reactors cost many billions of dollars, making the construction of new units a rare event today. GA’s planned transportable reactor would be considerably more affordable than existing designs and I support this development.

– Bob

2 Responses to “Transportable Nuclear Reactor”

  1. 1 Larry Bestor

    Dear Dr. Beyster,

    As a young physics student in the 1970′s, I often considered development of small scale reactors to be an exciting endeavor. However, since founding Renu Energy, I have found safer technologies that you may agree have more potential for humanity, namely biobutenol and fast growing algal biofuels, that do not carry the inherent dangers of nuclear proliferation.

    I have recently read your thoughts on biofuels development and would very much appreciate your insights on taking what we are currently working on to the next level.

    Cordially, Larry Bestor

  2. 2 Dr. Beyster

    Larry: Thank you for your messages on my blog. As you mentioned, I support the development of new biofuels and other alternative sources of energy. Your company looks like it is making some good inroads in the field of solar energy. I hope you are able to continue to grow your business along with public interest in solar energy. — Bob

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