I was pleased to receive a copy of the galley for The SAIC Solution 2nd Edition this week. I am looking forward to reading through it and making my final changes to the book.

The next step is to get the index and cover done. Once the index and cover are completed, we’ll send everything off to the publisher.

A couple of weeks after that, the book will be available for purchase. I think you will find the new material on SAIC’s board and the breakup of the company to be very interesting.

— Bob

2 Responses to “SAIC Solution Second Edition Progress”

  1. 1 Jason Strebe


    I am looking forward to the new content. I read the first edition prior to accepting my new job at Leidos in St. Louis. I must admit with the backdrop of the book, it has been an interesting journey into the culture of what has evolved from what once was SAIC.


  2. 2 Dr. Beyster

    Jason: Congratulations on your new job with Leidos. There are many good people there, and I am sure you will find your work experience to be quite interesting and rewarding. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed my book The SAIC Solution. You might find the upcoming 2nd edition to be of interest too. — Bob

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