As a part of Dr. Beyster’s upcoming 90th birthday celebration in July, we would like to invite you to record your video birthday wishes to Dr. Beyster and upload them to our special Dropbox folder. Simply create a short (no more than 30 seconds) video using your desktop or laptop computer, video camera, smart phone, or other platform, click this link, then follow the instructions to upload your video file.

We will collect all the submitted videos and assemble them into a montage that will be played for Dr. Beyster on his birthday. We hope you will join us in wishing Dr. Beyster a happy 90th birthday!

12 Responses to “Wanted: Video 90th Birthday Wishes”

  1. 1 April Jennings Netzhammer

    Happy 90th Dr. Beyster!

    You are so deserving of a wonderful day!

    Absolutely loved working for your Company.


  2. 2 Bill Weeks

    Happy 90th Dr. Beyster

    Hope you are enjoying the time with family and close friends.

    Warm regards,

  3. 3 Dr. Beyster

    April: Thank you for your well wishes. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed working at SAIC. I did too. — Bob

  4. 4 Dr. Beyster

    Bill: Thank you for the post on my blog. I am lucky to have such good friends and family to spend time with. — Bob

  5. 5 Joyce Jones

    Dr. Beyster,

    Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to meet you, but, I want to thank you for making SAIC such a great company to work for. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant when SAIC aquired EMA back in 2004, but it turns out that acquistion has allowed me to learn and grow, as well as meet some wonderful people, and I’m thankful for that opportunity. I hope to be with SAIC for many more years to come.

    Happy 90th birthday!!

    All the best,


  6. 6 Pamela Prewitt

    Dr. Beyster, I worked for SAIC for over 13 years and I enjoyed every moment! You created an amazing company, and it was a pleasure working for you! Have a Happy Birthday!

  7. 7 Steve Rizzi

    Happy birthday Bob! We are all continuing to learn from the business and personal lessons that you taught us. Your selfless act of sharing the company set an example that I continue to try and emulate every day. Thanks to you, there are new business models that will continue to be developed for how ownership can drive successful companies – drawing from your inspiration to make a difference in the world.

  8. 8 Dr. Beyster

    Joyce: Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am glad to hear that the acquisition of EMA by SAIC worked out well for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy your work with the company. — Bob

  9. 9 Dr. Beyster

    Pamela: Thank you very much for your note. I always enjoy hearing from long-term SAIC employees. It sounds like it was a good experience for you. — Bob

  10. 10 Dr. Beyster

    Steve: It is always good to hear from you. Thank you for the birthday greetings and the kind words. You know of course that all of us built SAIC together — without talented people like you, SAIC would never have been so successful. I hope to see you again soon. — Bob

  11. 11 Pete Ward, #59


    Happy 90th Birthday!!! I’m attempting to get you a video, but I know I won’t have time in 30sec to say all I want. First, I’m glad you’re still with us! 90 years, and still contributing – what an accomplishment. You continue to amaze. I met my lovely wife of 15 years – Ellen – at a TEC Meeting in McLean. She retired recently from SAIC after 25 years. But, believe it or not, I am still an employee! Bob Latko is also still there, and we share an office. We are the last of the dinosaur 42 year employees. We remain valuable for our USSTRATCOM domain knowledge.

    Thank you so much for making your employee ownership vision a reality and providing a work environment where, no joke, I could “be all that I could be”. Wow, what a ride it was. I wish I could do it all over again – mostly :)

    Here’s to many more productive years and birthdays for you, Bob.

    Pete Ward

    Bill Vance sends his birthday wishes as well.

  12. 12 Dr. Beyster

    Pete: Thanks for the 90th birthday note and video. I enjoyed seeing you again after all these years. Robert played a short version of the video at my party on Saturday and you were in it. 42 years with SAIC is a remarkable accomplishment — congratulations! Please give my best to Ellen and to Bill Vance and Bob Latko. — Bob

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