Book Agent, Some Research Findings, and Sydell Gold

We have selected an agent to handle the process of selling our still title-less new book to a publisher: Ike Williams at Fish & Richardson in Boston. Ike has experience selling technology books to publishers which should be a good fit. Our next objective is to prepare two sample chapters which the agent will show the publishers.

I have often wondered why red wine is recommended by physicians as being good for your heart. I read a recent article that claims red wine can also fight Alzheimer’s disease. According to researchers at UCLA, the polyphenols in red wine block the formation of proteins that synthesize the toxic plaque that destroys brain cells. Apparently, the wine also defuses already existing plaque, making it less toxic. Unfortunately, champagne, white wine, coffee, iced tea, and Arnold Palmers don’t have the same effect. I have always had a hard time drinking red wine because it gives me a headache the next day.

I read another recent article that talks about growing evidence that global warming is contributing to heightened water levels and increased beach erosion. Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography here in La Jolla believe sea levels could rise anywhere from 0.5 meter to 1.4 meters by the end of this century, swamping many existing beaches.

I hate to pile on the Big Three automobile executives about their flying in individual private jets to Washington with their tin cups in hand. Coming from Detroit originally, I have some feeling for the stubbornness of the auto companies in their unwillingness to accept obvious changes, hoping they will go away. I hope the executives have not poisoned the well so much that the modicum of help they need from the taxpayers combined with what they can scrounge themselves won’t be enough to preserve the industry. Maybe they should get rid of the private jets.

Finally, I just finished writing a testimonial for Sydell Gold, who sadly passed away last spring. Sydell was a talented woman, a believer in a strong and flexible national defense policy, and smart and knowledgeable on a variety of complex topics. However, I can’t say enough about how much I valued her personal friendship. We all suffered a great loss with her passing.

— Bob