Book Update and Holiday Wishes

We have been having rather inclement weather here in San Diego. About half of the days it’s been raining, and these are the days that we have chosen to have our events.

Case in point is the FED party last week at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. It was a rainy evening; however, 60 people chose to attend, many of whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years or more, along with their spouses and significant others.

The attendees included Wayne Coleman, Bill Roper, Gene Ray, Dennis Campbell who handles audio/video effects at SAIC, Ron Arnold who skippers my boat, John Glancy, SAIC treasurer Steve Fisher, Tom Dillon, former SAIC CFO Tom Darcy, and many others.

Mary Ann Beyster and I both said a few words and thanked the crowd for their efforts to help make the FED a success. Mary Ann described the activities of the Foundation in sponsoring fellowships at various universities, working with DARPA’s SBIR program, the Aspen Institute, and more.

On Friday we lucked out since we didn’t have rain and were able to take the boat to Oceanside. Sunday afternoon I reviewed the proposal for the book, including the chapter on the history of the Internet and Network Solutions, and the chapter on Security. After finishing this blog, we intend to put some effort into improving the proposal so that our agent can submit it to publishers in early January.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

— Bob