Motley Fool and Improving the Blog

Today I’d like to comment on two subjects. One is the Motley Fool web site, which ran a favorable review of The SAIC Solution on August 28, 2007. The author rightly pointed out that the real key to our success at SAIC was in hiring the right people. I am reminded of that fact each time I talk with any of you at a book signing, or respond to your blog postings. Of course, I still believe it would have been difficult for us to attract and retain so many talented people without the added incentive of employee ownership. As I speak at a number of business schools this fall, I will be sure to keep employee ownership high on my list of topics to discuss. Secondly, as I talk to my friends here in town and elsewhere about how we can improve the blog, I’m universally told we need more pictures and we need more stories — interesting stories that entrepreneurs and equity sharing advocates can empathize with. We’ll try to make the blog more interesting to you. If there are more comments on how to improve the blog, please let me know.

— Bob