Week twenty-one: Competitiveness

Staying on the topic of competitiveness for the moment, I read the article that Kenny Pegram so kindly linked to earlier this week. While I hate to differ with David Brooks of the New York Times, it remains to be seen if U.S. competitiveness today is adequate. It appears to me that things aren’t peaches and cream in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we aren’t being listened to by many of the members of the United Nations. In fact, an alliance of nations led by the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela seem to be gunning for us. On top of that, signs don’t look good here either. The Big Three automakers have not succeeded in solving their financial problems and are resorting to major surgery. Let’s hope it works this time. So we’ll have our hands full for the next few years. These problems are major for the country and they go far beyond the ability of employee ownership to have much of an impact on them.

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– Bob

Here are my responses to previous weeks’ comments:

Michael Spaeth (Week 20): I’ll look forward to finding the site. I promise you I’ll read it and include Pro2Serve in the family tree.

William Weeks (Week 20): Thank you for your response. I hope these emerging countries will assume more of the burden of financing U.N. peacekeeping forces in far-off places and also world health, education, and environmental initiatives. It’s getting to be a little much for the U.S. taxpayers as you know.