Boat Trip to Catalina

Last week was somewhat calm because Mary Ann, Ralph, and Jim were all out of town. However, Robert Craig was in town and he, Ron Arnold, and I went to Catalina on Tuesday. It is towards the end of the summer and Catalina has a multitude of tourists present — in fact, a large cruise ship was anchored in the harbor. Nonetheless, we were able to reserve a buoy, and were treated well during our stay. We ate at Armstrong’s Fish Market along the walkway. Despite the fact that there was a huge crowd, Armstrong’s was able to accommodate us and we had a great time. It takes about 3 hours to get to Catalina and 2 hours to get back in the Solutions powerboat — much quicker than Blue Moon.

Thursday I spent time with my physical therapist and we had lunch at the Fish Market downtown, then drove to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, where we saw the story of water, which was very educational.

Friday, having nothing better to do, we took the boat to Oceanside. Rick Strobridge accompanied us. Rick is a former employee of SAIC and he used to work with me. He has left and formed his own company and is doing very well.

I’m watching the Democratic convention with open eyes. I’ll reserve my comments on the candidate and his platform for next week.

— Bob