Book Updates and the Old SAI Lunchtime Running Crew

Last Friday evening my daughter Mary Ann Beyster and Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions editor Peter Economy attended the preview reception for the 48th Local Author Exhibit at the new San Diego Main Library. From what I understand, the new building is quite magnificent, and the event was very well attended by local authors.

The NSI book will be on display at the library for the entire month of February. I have included some photos from the event.

* * *

I would like to thank everyone who has submitted suggestions for a new subtitle for The SAIC Solution, second edition. We have received some good ones. We have also received a number of photos from blog readers to include in the SAIC employee photo mosaic on the front cover of the book.

If you haven’t yet sent in a photo, it’s not too late. Please send a message to Jamie Dickerson at the FED at and include a photo of yourself while working at SAIC/Leidos (at least 1 MB), the years you worked at the company, and your department.

* * *

I had a very enjoyable lunch a couple of weeks ago with Bill Hagan. We talked about a variety of interesting topics.

Bill later sent me a photo of the old SAI Lunchtime Running Crew. That brought back many pleasant memories. I have included a copy of the photo below.

, Bob