Brinksmanship and Improving Health

I see in the news that Congress and the President are playing a game of brinksmanship again with the federal government. If the government does indeed shut down, which is a distinct possibility, I personally believe this would be a great embarrassment for all involved parties. I have a feeling, however, that a continuing resolution will be passed once again to forestall the consequences of a shutdown, which would be many. There has already been much fingerpointing and blaming. If the situation deteriorates further, then I have no doubt that the politicians will soon be running for cover.

My health continues to improve. Last Friday I went out on the boat for the first time in several months. We cruised San Diego Bay, and had lunch at the Loews Coronado resort. It felt great to be back on the water again. I can’t wait for my next trip, hopefully this week if the weather permits.