Looking for New Life Forms in the Ocean

Plans are underway to accompany Craig Venter on part of his expedition on Sorcerer II to find new forms of life in the oceans for his genomics work. This will probably occur in July 2009. In the meantime, I will be planning a shorter trip up the California coast on Solutions with Andy Allen to sample the Pacific Ocean.

Last Friday we took Solutions to Oceanside. On board were John Armstrong, one of SAIC’s early contract reps; Paul Kouris, one of SAIC’s early general counsels; and Craig Cummings, one of the best technical people SAIC has ever had. These individuals are no longer with the company, but they made a great impact on it.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day at the Beach and Tennis Club with Betty and the kids. The food was good and Betty had a wonderful time. We were married at St. Alban’s Church in Austin, Texas in 1955. Betty had just finished college at the University of Texas.

— Bob