Biofuels and a Week of Many Meetings

I just read an interesting article in the Union-Tribune about a cooperative research program underway in San Diego and Imperial Valley to create biofuels and other products from algae. The project will use the pond method for production and it sounds promising.

Last week was busy for me. On Monday we met with members of the San Diego State University program for employee ownership. The head of the activity came to see us. They have an aggressive and well-thought-out program for training a dozen or so students each year on employee ownership.

On Thursday I was visited by my good friend George Ullrich from Washington D.C. George used to be the Deputy Director Science and Technology at the Defense Nuclear Agency. I got to know him well when I was marketing our program to the Agency. I hope that someday we’ll be able to work together again in some capacity.

Also on Thursday I had the first of two meetings with the Ernst and Young folks to interview candidates for the local Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Today we made the final selections of winners in a variety of categories, including consumer products, health, emerging technologies, software, and others. The local Entrepreneur of the Year Award event will be a very fancy affair with many presentations from the winners in early June.

— Bob