Nixon Library, Tiger Trap, and Hurricane Irene

Last week I made a trip to the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda. I had never been there before and I wanted to see it.

It’s a magnificent building — it has one of Nixon’s presidential cars and statues of Nixon doing a variety of things. While it’s sad that he turned out to be so dishonest, he did many good things for our country.

* * *

I just finished reading an interesting book about America’s secret spy war with China. The book is titled Tiger Trap and it was written by David Wise.

I learned that the Cold War is alive and well — it has just moved from the old Soviet Union to China. The Chinese have been very successful in stealing our business and military secrets, especially for high-tech equipment.

While I don’t believe this particular Cold War will escalate into a hot one anytime soon, every American should be very concerned about the ongoing Chinese efforts to steal our secrets. The net impact will be negative economically for the U.S., and a greatly enhanced Chinese military threat.

* * *

I noted with some concern that the East Coast has been subjected to some very extreme conditions lately. First, the earthquake in Virginia caused damage to many buildings and monuments and rattled nerves all up and down the East Coast.

And then, of course, Hurricane Irene caused no small amount of wind damage and flooding. I am just glad I wasn’t there to experience it. I hope my readers in the affected areas remain unscathed and that this is the end of such excitement for the foreseeable future.

— Bob