Presidential Nominations, Book Update, and More

It appears that the Republican race for the Presidential nomination is beginning to firm up, with three strong candidates emerging at the top after the recent Iowa straw poll. Although Mitt Romney is still the frontrunner, Michelle Bachmann and now Rick Perry are making great strides forward.

It’s encouraging to see that the Republicans are beginning to settle on these three. The sooner a nominee is selected, the sooner he or she can begin the difficult job of building the case against the incumbent. This job will be made even more difficult if the economy finally begins to turn around before the election and Obama is able to take credit for it.

Of course, there are still a couple of wild cards that might be played at any time. Sarah Palin is keeping a high profile with voters, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey threw his hat in the ring before it’s all over. Whatever happens, the campaign is beginning to get interesting, and I will be following it closely.

* * *

As most of you know, I am currently working on a book about Network Solutions, which will be published in spring 2012. I was interested to see that recently announced plans to acquire Network Solutions sometime this fall.

Although NSI is really just a shell of its former self — the registry function of the company was stripped out and kept by VeriSign when that company sold NSI back in 2003 to a private equity group for just $100 million — the brand is still a strong one.

I don’t know how much is planning to pay for NSI, and I hope I’ll be able to find out that information when the deal is finalized. Looks like I will need to update the book manuscript with this latest news.

* * *

According to the Los Angeles Times, scientists at UCSD here in La Jolla have detected small amounts of radioactive sulfur-35 in the local air. It is presumed that these isotopes are a result of the core meltdowns and damage to the Fukushima nuclear energy plants in Japan that occurred after the March tsunami. The scientists say that the levels of radiation are very low and do not pose a heath hazard to humans, which is good news for those of us who live here in San Diego.

* * *

Since Ron Arnold is on vacation, our skipper was not available for our usual Friday lunch voyage on Solutions. We decided instead to have lunch at the San Diego Yacht Club and then watch movies on the boat, which is docked at the yacht club.

Although it was not as enjoyable as going out on the water, when you have no skipper, you have no choice. I’m looking forward to Ron’s return so I can get back out on the water.

— Bob