Old SAIC Is Now Officially Gone

On Friday, September 27, SAIC officially split into two separate companies: the $4 billion government-services company SAIC, and the $6 technology company Leidos. This was a difficult day for me, and I received messages from many SAIC employees who were also having a difficult time with this fundamental change to the company. The old SAIC is now officially gone. I wish the new companies well. Although they have lost many good people, many still remain.

I thought you might enjoy this photo sent to me by Phil Young. This is the very last product shipment made by the original SAIC. Here’s the message that Phil sent to his team to mark the occasion:

As tomorrow will be the end of the original SAIC and the start of a new adventure with leidos, the Xpose unit that will ship tomorrow for India will be the very last product shipped from our SAIC. SAIC has had a 40 year history of building very unique, science driven products for our customers throughout the world. This is something we all can be very proud of. Thanks for taking the time to gather for a final SAIC product picture (attached, I’m sorry we could not gather everybody). You are all part of the team that has made this company unique and very, very special.

I would personally like to thank all my old friends and colleagues at SAIC one last time for the very best years of my life. We accomplished great things together, and we can all be proud of the company we built.

— Bob