Preparing for DARPATech

I have been busy this week preparing to attend DARPATech, which will be held this year in Anaheim at the Marriott Hotel. In the sessions, the project managers in charge of the various high technology offices in DARPA will discuss their programs and what they have accomplished. There are reports from at least a dozen offices, and I look forward to hearing what the latest technology will be. This will be very revealing and helpful to many startup companies. It will help them either validate or shy away from the technologies reported. Sprinkled in the session are addresses by Dr. Tony Tether, who starts off the program on Tuesday, and representatives leading the technology offices who will try to justify their budgets. The various armed services represented are the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Agencies such as the CIA, NSA, and the satellite intelligence agencies will also be there. Another notable speaker is Dr. Don Kerr, who oversees the satellite intelligence agencies. 3000 people will converge for the meeting — it should be an exciting time. I look forward to reporting in more detail on the ideas presented in the meeting, if I can. In addition, we have been working on an op-ed piece to be submitted to a number of journals on Alternative Energy, expressing my opinions on the subject. I will discuss this issue in a future blog posting.