Presidential Election and an Article on SAIC

Well, the Presidential election is now just hours away from taking place and from what I gather, each side is both worried and hopeful for the outcome. I have already voted, and my vote went to the Republican side. I just think that it’s time for a change in Washington. Obama is a good man, but his performance has disappointed me. Romney seems to be a very capable man, and I think he will be our best hope for balancing the budget and reducing our national debt. We will see.

* * *

I thought I would pass along an article I recently read titled “Three Lessons of Ownership,” which explores how SAIC created its own private Silicon Valley. The article was written by Tamara Carleton, a FED Fellow and PhD from Stanford, and published in the November-December 2012 NCEO Employee Ownership Report. The article can be viewed online for the next two months.

— Bob