SAIC San Antonio Reunion, Alumni Companies

This past week I received an entertaining series of photographs taken at the 1st Annual Memorial Day Massacre Reunion in San Antonio. According to Bruce McKinney, former Deputy Division Manager at SAIC’s San Antonio office, the event marks the day in May 2012 when the San Antonio division was dissolved.

While some of the members of the division stayed on with the company, others went their separate ways. I would like to thank Bruce for inviting me to attend.

Although I was unable to do so, as you will see in the photos below, Bruce made sure that I was there in spirit. I send my best wishes to all who attended, including former Division Manager JJ Romano, former Chief Scientist DJ Bauch, former Global Harvest AVP Ken Champlin, and many others.

* * *

We are working to update our list of SAIC alumni companies, especially those founded by SAIC alumni over the past 10 years. If you know of any of these companies, please post your response on my blog. Thank you.

— Bob