Vacation Wrap Up

As you know, the Swiss have again won the America’s Cup. We did not have the opportunity to see the last race in Valencia, but they won by one second over New Zealand, probably because of tactical errors on the part of the onboard tactician. The Swiss have played coy as to where the next race will be, but we all think it will return to Valencia because of the existing infrastructure which the Swiss were involved in financing. It’s not the same America’s Cup as it was years ago — it’s become more of a professional sport where the skipper and crew are well paid to win the race. The Swiss deserve a lot of credit for finding the best people — including designers and naval architects — and arranging financing through the Swiss banks. The next race may be as soon as two years, or possibly four. I don’t know much about possible changes to the America’s Cup Rule for the next race, but I do know that the boat length will be 90 feet, rather than about 75 now. All in all, our experience was fun, and we had a good vacation. I doubt that we would return to Valencia again — we’ve seen it. The good thing is that Valencia is in Europe — a pleasant place to experience the race — and the next America’s Cup race will probably be there, too.

— Bob

America's Cup Village
America’s Cup Village. Alinghi boats are on the right.