Week twenty-five

We’ve been thinking about adding a video component to the FED website and to this blog. I’m wondering what kinds of videos you would like to see — what would you like to hear about? What video sites do you personally like, and do you have any examples that we should take a look at? I understand that online videos are the hot, high-tech thing right now, and I’m looking forward to experimenting!

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– Bob

Here are my responses to previous weeks’ comments:

Susan Pernia (Week 24): I understand that M.A. has been in contact with you and we are hopeful that you will be able to help us, both with the book and with other Foundation projects. I would invite anyone else who feels they can help to contact M.A. (Mary Ann).

Joe Pasquale (Week 24): Thank you, Joe. Hope I can see you soon and that you will let me know what hot projects are going on in the UCSD Computer Sciences Department.

Cecelia McCloy (Week 23): I still don’t know exactly what your company does or how big it is, but I’m glad it’s successful. We found some additional information on the Web that indicates you’re in the safety and environmental business, which I remember was a strong interest of yours when I knew you better. It’s good to hang in on the technology as long as you can as the demands of your new company multiply. Hope you are talking this week with Ray Smilor who can get you some help on employee ownership and ESOPs.

Susan Pernia (Week 18): You have given us a good perspective on communications within SAIC, and we will make sure we include your thoughts in the book.