Beyster Fellowships and the America’s Cup

This past July 22-23, the FED conducted the 2009 Beyster Fellowship Symposium here in La Jolla at the Museum of Modern Art. There were more than 40 attendees, many of whom are being supported by the FED to write reports on specific aspects of employee ownership. The proceedings of the symposium will soon be available on the FED website. I encourage you all to read the report. If you know anyone who would make a good Beyster Fellow including PhD candidates for the Shared Capitalism dissertation award program (which is open now for applications), please have them review the program summary on the FED website.

I was pleased to see Larry Ellison and his BMW Oracle team win the America’s Cup. It seemed to me that the Swiss boat was outclassed. My friend Malin Burnham is already working to convince Ellison to bring the next Cup race to San Diego. I agree with him that San Diego would be a better location for the race than San Francisco. I support Malin in this effort and I hope he is successful.

— Bob