Finding Phytoplankton in San Diego

On Thursday, August 12th, I met with John Evey, Andy Alan, and several others from the Venter Institute to discuss further their progress on the ocean-sampling project we have been conducting monthly from my boat. It looks like the experiments have turned up some new phytoplankton not before seen in the San Diego area. We have experienced two major algae blooms within the past few months, and the timing was favorable. All in all, the sampling program is going well — both here, as well as the worldwide program taking part on Craig Venter’s boat Sorcerer II.

This past Monday we took Solutions to the Loews Coronado Bay Resort because we weren’t sure if the repaired port engine was up to par yet. Loews is on the Silver Strand in Southern San Diego. It’s a resort hotel with excellent food. I’m hoping we can get to Oceanside on our next trip. It’s not like Solutions to be so temperamental.

— Bob