Iran’s Nuclear Technology Program

The big news in Washington today seems to be the deal that President Obama reached with Iran on their nuclear technology program. As you probably know by now, there are a number of limits placed on Iran which are meant to prevent the country from developing a nuclear device.

This includes limiting the number of centrifuges to 11,000, stopping the production of uranium beyond the 5% level, and diluting or converting any existing uranium that is above that percentage to the 5% level or below. In exchange, we will provide Iran with between $6-7 billion in sanctions relief.

While I understand the Administration’s desire to strike a deal with Iran, I personally do not believe that we can trust them to follow through on their promises. Their track record has been poor at best.

Israel has much more to lose from a nuclear Iran than we do here in the United States, so I hope that they decide for themselves what they want to do to respond to Iran’s growing threat. They have much more flexibility than we do.

* * *
We will be doing our traditional Thanksgiving at the Beach and Tennis Club this year. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

, Bob