Los Alamos, Prime Air, and Thanksgiving

My wife Betty recently showed me an interesting article about a proposal to turn parts of the original Los Alamos Laboratory property into a national park. The proposal would include 17 buildings in six industrial sites within the lab’s boundaries.

The Pajarito site and some buildings in downtown Los Alamos are also a part of the proposed park, as is the V-site, where the Trinity device (the “Gadget”) was assembled and the Fat Man device was tested before being dropped on Nagasaki. It has been some time since I have been to Los Alamos, but I would enjoy seeing some of the historic areas of the labs turned into a national park or museum.

* * *

I am sure by now you have seen the video of Amazon’s proposed Prime Air delivery system, which uses drones to deliver items to customers within 30 minutes after an order is placed. I am impressed with this idea , it is an ingenious use of something originally built for military purposes.

This is similar to what happened with the Internet, which was originally developed by the Department of Defense, and was eventually transitioned to commercial use , in great part by Network Solutions when it was a part of SAIC. According to Jeff Bezos, there are a number of hurdles to get over before Amazon will be able to roll out this new service, but they are regulatory in nature, not technical.

* * *

We had a good Thanksgiving at the Beach and Tennis Club. It was a beautiful day at the beach. In addition to Betty and the kids, we were joined by Joe Pasquale and Paul Kouris. The dogs had to stay home this year.

, Bob