Learning About the Ocean and Its Creatures

On Friday my daughter Mary Ann and son Jim took off for a hiking trip to Scotland , so it’s mighty lonely around the house on some nights and weekends. We went out on the boat on Friday and decided to go to Oceanside, where we had lunch at the Jolly Roger, which is our tradition. On Sunday Betty and I went to the movie Mamma Mia! which was being shown here. I highly recommend it.

I have been in contact with Andrew Allen at the Venter Institute about conducting a better organized program of ocean sampling in the Southern California area using my boat. I’m very steamed up about doing that and feel I’m learning a lot — both about oceanographic sampling techniques and genomics. This also brings some excitement into my life because I will be involved in a research project. If we find anything unique, we will publish a paper on it. There’s still much to be learned about the ocean and its creatures.

— Bob