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Well, the Presidential election is now just hours away from taking place and from what I gather, each side is both worried and hopeful for the outcome. I have already voted, and my vote went to the Republican side. I just think that it’s time for a change in Washington. Obama is a good man, […]

Hurricane Sandy and Upcoming Election

The big news today is Hurricane Sandy, which is devastating the East Coast. It is on all the broadcast and cable television networks and by all indications is quite powerful. I would like to extend my best wishes to all of you who are in the path of this storm and hope that there are […]

You may recall that during the Republican convention a month ago our national debt passed the $16 trillion mark. This works out to about $51,000 for every U.S. citizen, or about $140,000 for every taxpayer. This number is unbelievable to me — I think it is atrocious. Reducing this debt should be the number-one priority […]

I was surprised, as likely many of you were, by SAIC’s announcement this past week about the company’s plan to split into two independent businesses. According to the articles I have read on the subject, the split will not be 50:50. Instead, one of the resulting companies will comprise SAIC’s “solutions” business, that is, research, […]

Republican National Convention

I am looking forward to watching the Republican convention this week on television, although it looks like the event may be upstaged by what is soon expected to become Hurricane Isaac. While the storm missed Tampa for the most part, it appears to be headed straight for New Orleans, where it may make landfall as […]

I was interested to see that Newsweek magazine has apparently given up on President Barack Obama. You may have by now seen the cover of the current issue, which has a color photo of Obama with the large caption, “Hit the Road, Barack — Why We Need a New President.” I’m going to have a […]

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