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On Wednesday I had lunch with President Weber, Joe Passaretti, and Sandy Ehrlich — all of San Diego State University (SDSU) — and Mary Ann Beyster. The folks at SDSU appear to be quite happy with the grant funds provided by the Foundation for Enterprise Development to support graduate students on their studies of employee […]

We’re coming to the end of the most enjoyable trip to Washington. The purpose of the trip was to collect information on Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) — how it operated — and the dynamic environment of the Internet in its early days. The book we’re working on will go from the very beginning, up through […]

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit Burnham Institute for Medical Research in La Jolla at the invitation of Malin Burnham. The Institute is interested in figuring out what the functions of the genes are so that they can devise genomic medicines that can kill cancer. They are leaders in the area of gene […]

Brief Update

Last week was a fairly uneventful week for me — we had a quiet Labor Day at the house. We watched the Republican convention with interest. My favorite candidate did very well on his feet I thought. His running mate also seems quite competent to me. At least the initial polls indicate they’re off to […]

I’m sitting here having lunch at the Crab Catcher in La Jolla attempting to compose a meaningful blog post for today. Things are returning back to normal now that both Mary Ann and Ralph are back from their vacations. Last week was relatively uneventful and I was able to catch up with my reading and […]

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  • Doug Scott: Am pleased to see Bob’s legacy continue. He had an incredibly positive impact on science and...
  • Paul Kouris: Bob and Betty’s generosity continues to contribute to the advancement of science and the...
  • George Gamota: This brings back memories when I was at Michigan during the early 80′s and a consultant to SAIC....
  • Jeannine Menger: I just learned of Bob’s passing almost 2 years ago. Working directly for him was the highlight...
  • Jay Bernhardt: What a legacy. Entrepreneural leader for the ages !