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The big news out here this week is the outbreak of the swine flu. We all have flu shots, but they may be for the wrong flu. I hope we don’t have to wear masks like they’re doing in Mexico City. On Sunday we went to dinner with a friend from Washington D.C. who still […]

Last week I read with interest the proposal to the shareholders of SAIC from the board regarding elimination of the preferred class of stock and conversion of all such shares to common stock. I gather there has not been a lot of employee opposition to this. I for one feel that, given the fact that […]

Sailing Adventures and Easter Dinner

Our motoring trip on Solutions on Good Friday was different. The weatherman had predicted showers, so we motored a short distance to the San Diego Yacht Club and took a cab to the Brigantine restaurant in Coronado, where we had lunch. It turned out that not a drop of rain fell that day — the […]

Last week was a busy one for me. The most intellectually stimulating thing that occurred was a forum I attended on algae-based biofuels sponsored by Scripps Institute of Oceanography, where we met with all the senior scientists working on the problem. About three different approaches are currently being pursued to see what works best. I […]

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