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Week twenty-seven

Donna Cunningham (Week 26): I agree with you. My observation is that the impact of national elections on the business climate for SAIC has been minimal. The emphasis on where federal spending occurs usually shifts, but total federal spending never decreases. SAIC has always continued to grow despite changes in the political leadership in Washington. […]

Week twenty-six

I’m sure most of you had as much interest in last Tuesday’s election as I did. And, being a registered Republican, I suffered some disappointments. The Iraq war clearly tipped the scales. This election turned the old maxim “All politics is local” upside down. It appears to me that things are going to be more […]

Week twenty-five

We’ve been thinking about adding a video component to the FED website and to this blog. I’m wondering what kinds of videos you would like to see — what would you like to hear about? What video sites do you personally like, and do you have any examples that we should take a look at? […]

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November 2006
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  • Jeannine Menger: I just learned of Bob’s passing almost 2 years ago. Working directly for him was the highlight...
  • Jay Bernhardt: What a legacy. Entrepreneural leader for the ages !
  • Bonnie Nicholls: I was so honored to be a part of this project. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know Dr. B...
  • Neil Gerardo: Dr. J. Robert Beyster lives on in our hearts and minds as an enduring and driving force, forever...
  • Dr. Martin Fricke: Bob was and will always be my hero.