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On May 23, 2007, I participated in a CONNECT/MIT Enterprise Forum panel discussion moderated by National Public Radio’s Scott Horsley, along with Gene Ray, Bill Roper, and Tom Darcy. At the time, Roper was an employee of SAIC. This week he announced his resignation from SAIC to become CEO and president of VeriSign in the […]

San Diego Union-Tribune Article

There was a good article in Tuesday’s San Diego Union-Tribune written by Bruce Bigelow. In this article, Mr. Bigelow discusses my recent appearance at the MIT Enterprise Forum here in San Diego, as well as some SAIC history and recent events. I will discuss the Forum in more detail later this week.

How the Book Came to Be

I am pleased to introduce our second guest blogger, my daughter Mary Ann Beyster, who serves as President of the Foundation for Enterprise Development. Mary Ann took some time recently to answer questions about her role in bringing my book The SAIC Solution to life. Without Mary Ann’s dedicated support and hard work, I don’t […]

A few weeks ago I posted the transcript from an online chat I did with Washington Technology. When we finished the chat, there were several questions left unanswered that we didn’t have time to get to. I have taken some time to answer these remaining questions. I hope you find them of interest. Suem, New […]

San Diego Business Journal

I was pleased to read a review of The SAIC Solution in the San Diego Business Journal. Here is what Thomas York said about the book on May 14, 2007 in his Editor’s Notebook: Speaking of power, J. Robert Beyster, as everyone knows in and around these parts, built one heck of a powerhouse in […]

Corrections, Book Review, and Interview

Thank you again for your book corrections and suggestions — I have compiled a comprehensive list and it is going to our publisher today. If you see any others, please send them in and I’ll review them for future printings. I was pleased to read a strongly positive review of The SAIC Solution by Stefan […]

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