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Birthday Celebration

On Sunday we celebrated my 86th birthday at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Since Monday was actually my birthday, I was pleasantly surprised to see in the office some cake that was brought in especially for the occasion. It was quite good. I have included a few photos from the party and from […]

Last week I met with John Evey and Chris Dupont from the J. Craig Venter Institute here in La Jolla. They were here to brief me on the results of the ocean sampling program we have been running with them on my boat Solutions. I was pleased to learn that the Venter team is obtaining […]

Many of you have probably seen Monday’s Washington Post article on the current state of our national intelligence infrastructure. Although I have yet to read the entire article, it is my understanding that the authors worked for two years, sifting through mountains of public-source documents to develop their conclusions. The main conclusions are that our […]

Quick Thoughts on Global Warming

Last week we had an exciting event at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club with Walter Munk, Harold Smith and his wife, Gil Binninger and his wife and son, and Betty and me. Walter Munk is a leading oceanographer with roots at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He told us his views on global […]

The big news around here has been the 4th of July celebrations, and we enjoyed two different events this year. The first event was a get together at Ralph Callaway’s house in the Del Cerro area of San Diego. Ralph is quite a cook. He prepared a sumptuous dinner with my favorite Polish sausages. The […]

Beyster Fellowship Symposium Recap

This week the second Beyster Fellowship Symposium took place here in La Jolla. It involved many sessions, all located at the La Valencia Hotel. The Beyster Fellowships are supported by the Foundation for Enterprise Development to do graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies in the area of employee ownership. Fifty people participated in the proceedings, and […]

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