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More than 10 years ago, we started this blog to provide Dr. J. Robert Beyster with a place to connect with current and former employees of SAIC—the company he founded in 1969—and to continue to discuss his revolutionary brand of employee ownership. Now, more than two years since his passing, we expect this to be […]

What’s On Your Mind?

Some of you may have heard that I was ill over the past month. I have been in and out of the hospital a couple times, but I think I am on the mend. I am back in business now, and I would like to encourage you, my loyal blog readers, to have some correspondence […]

Book Tour in East Coast

It was an exciting week with every minute occupied with conversations with employees and ex-employees. In total we had eight signings, sold over 600 books, and met with over 500 people. (We also sold over 800 books via the virtual book stores at I talked at most of these gatherings about the book and […]

Beyster’s Blog 2.0

Welcome to my new blog. We have been calling it, with tongue firmly in cheek, Beyster 2.0. My original reasons for doing a blog were twofold: to reconnect with my many friends and colleagues, from SAIC and elsewhere, and to solicit your ideas and input for my book, The SAIC Solution. I am pleased that […]

Week thirty-seven

We had a good meeting last week with a consultant who is going to help us take the blog to the next level in functionality and interaction. I was happy to hear that the blog rates high in its relative “influence” on the Internet. Thank you for your ongoing participation. We plan to introduce a […]

Week thirty-six

We’re going to be redesigning the blog over the next few weeks to make it more user friendly and to bring in some new blogging features to dialog on the book topics and more. If there are any blogs that you personally enjoy, and that you think we should consider as we work on our […]

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