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The big news today is Hurricane Sandy, which is devastating the East Coast. It is on all the broadcast and cable television networks and by all indications is quite powerful. I would like to extend my best wishes to all of you who are in the path of this storm and hope that there are […]

Trip to Ann Arbor

This past weekend was quite an eventful one for me. On Thursday a small group of us flew to the Willow Run airport between Detroit and Ann Arbor. We then drove to Ann Arbor, where we spent the night after having dinner at the Gandy Dancer Restaurant, which is in an old restored train station. […]

Drones in the Middle East

I was interested to recently read about the shooting down of a drone that penetrated Israel’s border and air defenses on October 6th, and flew approximately 35 miles over Israeli settlements and military bases in the southern part of the country. The drone was eventually shot down by an Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter. It […]

There was recently an interesting piece in the Washington Post by Dana Priest titled “Aging U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Slated for Costly and Long-Delayed Modernization.” In summary, the article states that it is going to cost our nation somewhere in the neighborhood of $352 billion over the next 10 years to provide ongoing maintenance and provide […]

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  • Doug Scott: Am pleased to see Bob’s legacy continue. He had an incredibly positive impact on science and...
  • Paul Kouris: Bob and Betty’s generosity continues to contribute to the advancement of science and the...
  • George Gamota: This brings back memories when I was at Michigan during the early 80′s and a consultant to SAIC....
  • Jeannine Menger: I just learned of Bob’s passing almost 2 years ago. Working directly for him was the highlight...
  • Jay Bernhardt: What a legacy. Entrepreneural leader for the ages !