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I was gratified to note that the Senate recently confirmed the Pentagon’s new cyber-warfare czar, General Keith Alexander, who before his confirmation was Director of the NSA, located at Ft. Meade outside of Washington D.C. The new agency — the United States Cyber Command — will also be located at Ft. Meade, although it will […]

I was recently invited by Bruce Bigelow at to post some thoughts on what can be done to turn around Detroit’s sinking economy. As many of you know, I grew up in the Detroit area, and I remember what a powerful and dynamic city it once was. The auto industry has certainly suffered the […]

My daughter Mary Ann Beyster recently brought an interesting article to my attention. The article is about a company in Missouri by the name of SRC Holdings Corporation. The company practices what is known as “open book” management, that is, all employees are given detailed company financial information on a regular basis and taught what […]

I thought the days of car bombs in this country were over. So I was surprised to learn of the failed car bomb in Times Square this past weekend. As of today (Monday), I don’t think it’s known exactly what the scenario was — who did it and why. With all the attention and money […]

Entrepreneur of the Year Semifinalists Last Thursday I participated in the one-on-one interview process with the local Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year semifinalists. We met at the Hilton Torrey Pines for several hours. During that time, I had the opportunity to interview some very dynamic and successful local entrepreneurs. The companies represented by […]

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  • Jeannine Menger: I just learned of Bob’s passing almost 2 years ago. Working directly for him was the highlight...
  • Jay Bernhardt: What a legacy. Entrepreneural leader for the ages !
  • Bonnie Nicholls: I was so honored to be a part of this project. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know Dr. B...
  • Neil Gerardo: Dr. J. Robert Beyster lives on in our hearts and minds as an enduring and driving force, forever...
  • Dr. Martin Fricke: Bob was and will always be my hero.