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I would like to draw your attention to a very interesting article in the New York Times. It’s titled…

I think now might be a good time for you to have a look at the current working outline for the book:

Chapter 1: The Result: A $7 Billion Business Success
Chapter 2: The Vision: Freedom (with Strings Attached)
Chapter 3: The Mission: From Science to Solution
Chapter 4: The Model: Planetary Model
Chapter 5: The Glue: Employee Ownership
Chapter 6: The Culture: People First
Chapter 7: The System: Participation in Decision Making
Chapter 8: The Plan: No Grand Plan
Chapter 9: The Pitch: Everyone a Salesperson
Chapter 10: The Loop: Feedback and Lessons Learned
Chapter 11: The Wild Card: Experiment Constantly
Chapter 12: The Reality: A Darwinian Culture
Chapter 13: The Bottom Line: Money Isn’t Everything
Chapter 14: The Challenge: Governance
Appendix: My Life Before SAIC

Let me know what you think.

What areas/topics would you like to see covered in the book? I can tell you from my standpoint what I think we did to build a successful company, but I’m interested in what you think. Click on the comments link to share your thoughts. – Bob

I’ve been asked what SAIC’s secret sauce is. Some say it’s the company’s entrepreneurial culture, others say it’s employee ownership. I personally believe that the secret sauce behind SAIC’s success is…

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