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In this third and final part of my series on a long-term energy solution for our nation (see also Part 1 and Part 2), I take an in-depth look at the prospect of algae-based biofuels. Regardless of whether you believe that we should pursue alternative fuels because supplies of fossil fuels are finite, or because […]

I have started work on the final article in my series on “A Long-Term Energy Solution.” I plan to focus this time on algae-based biofuels, a topic in which I am particularly interested. As you know, San Diego is becoming a center for algae biofuel research, and Craig Venter and his organization are involved. I […]

I was surprised like many of you that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize so early in his tenure as the president. Hopefully he will live up to the expectations of the Nobel committee and they won’t be disappointed. On our ongoing military operations in Asia, I am concerned that our current approach in Afghanistan […]

In this second in a three-part series on a long-term energy solution for our nation (Part 1 is here), I take a look at the major alternative sources of energy and consider their promise (and potential failings) for the future. While there is an ongoing — and often heated — debate about how many more […]

I was pleased to learn that our publisher has produced a Kindle edition of The SAIC Solution. It is now available on, where those of you with Kindles can download it instantly. I would like to hear back from those of you who buy the Kindle edition. Please let me know how it looks […]

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  • Doug Scott: Am pleased to see Bob’s legacy continue. He had an incredibly positive impact on science and...
  • Paul Kouris: Bob and Betty’s generosity continues to contribute to the advancement of science and the...
  • George Gamota: This brings back memories when I was at Michigan during the early 80′s and a consultant to SAIC....
  • Jeannine Menger: I just learned of Bob’s passing almost 2 years ago. Working directly for him was the highlight...
  • Jay Bernhardt: What a legacy. Entrepreneural leader for the ages !