Week thirty-three

Craig Racine (Week 32): We did not ignore the founding of AESC in our SAIC alumni chart. The company is listed in the updated chart that was submitted to our publisher a couple of weeks ago. The chart on this blog will be updated soon to reflect this change, as well as a number of other updates.

There is no topical post from JRB this week.

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- Bob

4 Responses to “Week thirty-three”

  1. 1 Tony Laganelli

    Dear Bob, I’m sure you know by now the article that appeared in VANITY’FAIR, March 2007, by Bartlett and Steele. I considered it to be vicious and filled with venon.It was unkind to the company and those of us that put so much of ourselves into the honesty of what we were achiving. The remarks toward are are slandereos and subject to rebuttle and possible legal retaliation. I hope you find it in you heart and energy to retort. I would be happy to help toward such a bebuttle.

    Tony Laganelli, yes I’m still working because I enjoy what I do and feel I’m making a positive contribution.

  2. 2 Jay Bernhardt

    You retired from SAIC prior to SAIC going public. In retrospect, for finacial considerations, is it better for an ESOP to go public or stay private?

  3. 3 David Niemann

    Dr. Beyster, as Tony mentioned above the article in Vanity Fair is utterly disgusting. Misrepresentation of comments and pretty much solely focusing on all “bad press”. I’ve only been with the company for seven years and I was offended by some of the slanderous remarks that were made.

  4. 4 dr d b karron

    Dear Dr. Beyster;
    I’m searching for my old professor William Bill Grossman, and his tribute came up on your Blog. Aside from it being an inspiring tribute to employee ownership, and my own attempts at employee ownership of my former company (Computer Aided Surgery and Informatics, LLC), I was in Washington and met some SAIC people.
    I would dearly like to contact Dr. Grossman, and Dr. Adam Drobot, who seems to have fallen out of visibility on the web and at Alcatel/Lucent/SAIC.


    Dr. Karron a/k/a Dr. K

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